Sunday, August 16, 2009



The very first pair of organs that attracts a man is a woman’s lips. Lips are beautiful by nature and they present the face of the woman more beautiful. You will agree that you wish to see the lips only when you are closer by intimacy to the woman. You can have a glimpse of the lips of a woman, but cannot go closer if she is a stranger. You can get pleasure from seeing the artistry of the lips.

They are taken enough care in keeping clean and beautiful with moisturizers and creams. They are beautified and kept shining by lipstick moist color applications. The beautiful pair of lips gets engaged frequently to express love and affection. They are engaged emotionally with love and entangle in sensual actions while pairing with the partner. Lips seem to be a simple apparatus to express love but go long way in initiating great love on the bedtime.



It is not so easy to face the face of a woman who is charismatic and magnetic with her twinkling eyes supported by her eye brows sculptured with a style that is comparable with a pair of bows. Woman’s eyes have an inviting influence on the man who wishes to look at her lovable face. The straight and good looking nose with nostrils just above the lips has a say in expressing the beauty of a woman.

The great loveliness of a woman is specially drawn by the charming nose, lips, cheeks and chin besides the pair of ears that try to hide in the long hair style. The shape of face that makes the men to admire is of round one, sometimes oval, but a smooth and soft looking face guarantees a good looking aesthetic.

What do you want to see in a woman?

What do you want to see in a woman?

From the top of her head up to the tip of her toes, you can see admire and enjoy the inbuilt beauty.


You will enjoy seeing her beautiful long hair style that is smooth and silky too. It is dry and smooth when flows along with the breeze. It seems to be moistened with some hair cream but flows in the air. When it is let loose, you will love to see it flowing adjacent to her beautiful ears and cheeks. Some times you wish to get pleasure from the smooth flow of that cluster on your face too. Learn to enjoy the pleasure of holding her by the sides of her neck and let your fingers move inside the silky long hairs.

You will still more wish to embrace her with your nose on her neck and love to enjoy the fragrance from the hair. You will compare and whisper admiring the smoothness of her skin with the hair flowing from her head. You can enjoy anything at a woman who is simply beautiful and lovable at sight.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I am just in the happy middle age and wish to enjoy life as it comes naturally. I know dressing and grooming in the modern style bring happiness to the mind. I wish to expose my trendy behavior to the world outside hour to hour and day to day. Let the society look at my up-to-the-minute change in the modernity.

I look bright and handsome and go all around the city streets, shopping complexes and recreation centers and enjoy looking at the beautiful girls and youthful women.

I wonder at the dressing style of the youthful girls showing their protruding beauty. They wear wonderful clothing on their body that embraces the curves and mounts. I used to peep into the translucent cloths that cover the beautiful pairs of breasts. Some thing is in and some thing is out, both are admirable at the women folk’s heavenly projections. You will also like to see and enjoy the mounts and valleys at the fore front of a woman’s upper body.

It is shiny, smooth and soft by appearance silky and delightful to the onlookers. Some girls prefer to wear knitted garments that smoothly hold and allow swinging while walking. This makes the men to swing along the walkers on the streets.